We have different ways how you can support the expedition to the „Graf Zeppelin“.
If you are a sponsor, we provide a high presence in the media, like in TV, print and internet.
You might prefer to have your company logo on our internet-site, linked back to your web page.
Or you want to participate our expedition by paying a certain amount for diving and accommodation. If you are one of these guest divers, you will be one of the first diving the „Graf Zeppelin“. The order of diving depends on the amount of your sponsoring. The highest bidder will be the first diver. The two first divers will be named at the end of the movie.
Finally, your company wants to be a main sponsor? This can be achieved by sponsoring a higher amount. If you a main sponsor, your company logo will be shown at the end of the documentary and on all print products we publish.
You even can have your company logo placed on one of the expedition vessels.

Linking your company by sponsoring our project will definitely boost the positive image of your company.

DWP in media
On the BOOT09-Exhibition Deep Wreck Project for the first time went into the public.
Thus we have been able to generate high impact at the media. All important dive magazines in Germany, like „Tauchen“, „Unterwasser“, „Aquanaut“ and „Seastar“ are keen to report about our project before and after the expedition. Journalist from the important magazine „Spiegel“ will participate our expedition. The internet platforms „Taucher.net“ and „SeaStar“ are writing about the expedition too.
Abroad „x-ray-mag“ in the USA, „Nurkowanie“ in Poland and „aqua.web.net“ in France are going to write about the expedition.
On the exhibition itself we had the possibility to present our project four times to the audience.
In general, this expedition has high potential to raise a lot of interest of people.
Additionally many companies from the dive industry are interested to become a sponsor of the expedition, because of our high professionalism and of the wreck by itself.
Furthermore sponsors will be linked via our internet thus increasing traffic on our internet site.