Graf Zeppelin Project:
pLEASE BE AWARE THAT This is not a dive safary! This is a scientific operation and expedition.

If you are interested We Advise to register and book fairly early. Time is getting short for the start of april. Our presentation on the BOOT and Dive show 2009 in Düsseldorf generated a lot of interest with a lot of divers already confirming their commitment.
To commit yourself everybody needs to register and provide information about their dive  status, medicals, service books  for regulatos, rebreathers, etc.,which will be checked by our Safety Dive instructors. This is purely to verify that we expose only experienced and well equipped people to possible dangers of the deep to reduce risks.
When you have been found fit to join we will enter you on the auction after you remitted the 4000 starting bid.

In addition you have the choice to be one of the first two divers going to the site exclusively and being named in the documentaryand the imprint of the film if you so wish. to get to the first rankings you will have to bid further and possibly against fellow divers. the bidding can be viewed and followed by the public, so you may want to bid anonymously with a synonym. Other wise the ranking will comprise of the sequence of registration.

Other costs:
The only other costs will be the flight to Gdansk (Danzig) (Poland, transport to the point of boarding (which may be gdynia (Poland) some20Km from Gdansk(Danzig)and the gases you will consume. We will have enough gases to suplly all diversin mixed form as required.  ONe other important thing may come towards you.  We ask all divers to produce a valid D.A.N. Insurance cover   (see the Link). Most of you will have this anyway.  D.a.N. will be providing the rescue services to Europes most modern hyperbaric centre in Gynia. It is also planned that apart from a hyperbaric technician we will have on board, a fully qualified doctorwill be present.  D.a.n. will also ask you to take part in a research for microbubble concentrations after your dives to gather valuable information for medical statistics and treatments.

On bord you will experince very good foods and comfort for relaxation. we hav only single or double canins available.  Dive times depend on your persoanl fitness and ambitions and ofcourse the weather which nobody can guarantee for.

You also are welcome to take prefered dive gear with you like scooters etc. However we will have some equipmenton bord for renting and or purchase after the trip. For further safety our dive instructors will take you down to the site first. Autonomous dives may be permitted upon the evaluation by our saftey divers. All safety divers will be equipped with the ENOS detection system for surface search aid and recovery in case they need to accompany a diver in distress.  On bord are offshore ribs on standby for immediate deploymenT.

If you have any questions please ask. If you are happy and comfortable as well as exited, like us, to visit this misterious wreck go and join to register now.
A dead line will be announced soon

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31 Stunden hoelle, for zdf tauchfahrt in die vergangenheit

Dr. Andreas M. Stolpe