Expedition air craft carrier Graf Zeppelin?

end of March it is planned to start the expedition to uncover the secrets about the only german WWII air craft carrier. It is to be conducted with research and dive vessels.  Further there may be a submarine and various RoVs to explore the wreck site.We also have scientific mandates in recovering seabed samples and peforming DAN - studies on the effects of Trimix gases to Divers. We invite diving guests to join us on our expedition to this exclusive wreck. This will be a dive for experienced divers as the conditions are demanding.  to ease these conditions It is further planned to illuminate the superstructures above the flight deck for safety reasons and to make the dives for guests as comfortable as possible. Safety is of utmost importance and as such we will provide safety divers with each dive group or as required.
Around the 20th to 23rd of March mobilisation takes place in Gdydna to equip the necessary vessels to perform all work for the documentary.
The research will last til the 31st MArch when the vessels will return to Gdyna for boarding of guest onto our dive Plattforms. One Boat for example is a 75m vessel with 52 beds and place for about 20 to 24 divers with all modern amenities as well as provision for Trimix Gases and decompression chamber In case of an incidence. In line with our saftey possible a rescue command is in place for further treatment at Europes most modern Hyperbaric Base in Gdyna which can be reached in very short period by helicopter.
The Vessels will return to Gdyna on 7th of April for demobilisation.
for more information and  how you are able to join the dives Please see section  “Bidding”. As for the limited amount of placements and the requests we recive we are forced to “auction”the available cabinspaces.  The first two guests on the winning  list will have the exclusive rights to dive to the Graf Zeppelin. Also the first will be mentioned in the documentary and its imprint unless otherwise requested for confidentiality reasons!

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air craft carrier Dr. Andreas M. Stolpe