Deep Wreck Project

2012 09.10: Checking the HPX 371 on the IBC2012 in Amsterdam. This will be the new camera for our Media Production abord the vessel.

Dr. Andreas M. Stolpe

p>2012 08.23: Having been in Rostock for making contakt with collaborateurs and clients. Here the "Greif" is supposed to have her new home.

Dr. Andreas M. Stolpe

2012 08.10: We Signed the contract to buy the research vessel "greif".


Deep Wreck Project


Download the new Flyer about the research vessel/p>

Prospekt Greif

Our Media Production- and Researchvessel"GREIF"  on tour.

Forschungsschiff Greif

Christian Schramm down in the engineroom already feeling as the engineer of the "GREIF"